A List of Good and Bad

And why it’s nothing at all

Jace Loi
2 min readDec 22, 2022


Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

A labelling exercise to calm my critical, striving, and judgemental mind.

Opening to my emotional & mental insecurities —
Feel with intensity. Susceptible to self-judgment and criticism. Perfectionistic. Procrastinator. Dreamer. Lack of focus. Opinionated. Self-focused. Not detail-oriented. Not mathematically inclined. Trust easily. Chases new experiences.

Opening to my emotional & mental strengths —
Forge my own path. Openness. Like to push boundaries. Welcome and embrace negative feelings. Welcome and embrace other people’s negative emotions. Confront taboos. Compassionate heart. Lateral thinker. Psychological and philosophical wisdom. Determined when I decide on something.

Opening to my body insecurities —
Stretch marks. Flabby belly. Flabby thighs. Butt cellulite. Piles. Tiny concave nails. Cracked heels. Dark spots on the cheekbone. Dandruff. Hair loss. Swollen varicose veins. Unbalanced hips.

Opening to my bodily beauty —
Fair skin. Soulful eyes. Plum colour lips. Big curvy arse. Sexy back. Toned arms. Loving smile. Wavy hair. Eyebrows that don’t need shaping or shading. Broad shoulders. Nice collarbone. Decent figure.

All of these labels culminate into my impulses… the types of choice and actions in everyday life. Yet none of which define who I am… What I am… How I am. Every single thing here comes and goes.

Impermanent… Ages… Expires.

Meaningless labels… Dreamlike and empty.

What we think deserves judgement… needs kindness

What we think life is… It isn’t.

What we think is meaningful might be meaningless.

It doesn’t mean that nothing needs to be done, it just means that you have an empty canvas always. Hence the potential and possibility to paint anything any colour anytime… All the time.

Empty… Always.

And also be kind… Always.



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