Don’t… Please Look Into My Eyes

The tussle of wanting to connect

Jace Loi


Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

What draws me to a person? The eyes
What do I usually avoid when I look at a person? The eyes

It’s paradoxical that we avoid what connects us
Yet also perfectly reasonable, because it’s… vulnerable

There is something telling about the eyes
Well, in fact, everything is told through the eyes

Fear, joy, sadness, emptiness, lust…
mischief, guilt, excitement, annoyance, love

I fear what others might find in mine,
and what I might find in theirs after they see mine

I fear that you see that I want you… so much
I fear that you see that I want you to want me… so much

You can see this as sexual, or maybe not… or is it really is
Or is it really the basis of all connections?

Of wanting to belong
Of wanting to be loved

Of fearing rejection
Of fearing loneliness

The delicate dance of allowing, opening and trusting
Protecting ourselves or letting people in

Despite the wanting and fearing
I gently meet your eyes.

You know I want you
I have taken the plunge

Now show me…
If you want me too



Jace Loi

Mindfulness & Living with Ease. Poetry, doodles, and Tao. Mindfulness (MBCT) Teacher, Counsellor, Mum. See or Insta @mingmindfulness.